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Surname                :               Al Ansari

Name                     :               Mohammed

Nationality             :              Bahraini

Correspondence Address   :   House  1527

address Line  2                      :  Road No 518

address  Line  3                      :  Muhurruq 205

address  Line 4                       : Kingdom of Bahrain

Mobile.                  :                  39441110

e-Mail                    :   





  • Acquired NDT (Non Destructive Testing for Weldings and Pipes from    VETCO – Aberdeen ) – Authorized.
  • Possessed Experience in Oil Fuel Power Stations – Fawley Power Station 2000 MW (Operation and Saftey including Laboratory).
  • Coal Power Station – Birmingham.
  • Gas Power Station – Sitra Power Station.
  • Coordinator for Enhanced Oil Recovery Project for BONOCO Bahrain and worked on the CO2 feasibility study to EOR.
  • Desalination Plants Dual Purpose Plants and RO (Brakish and SeaWater Largest in the Middle East).
  • R&D as Director for Industrial and Technological Research Program.
  • Senior Scientific Researcher in Industrial and Technological Research Program at BCSR.
  • Now as Director for Publication and DataWareHouse (IT and Library) responsible for e-Library which will be launched in January2008 while the IT networking system is part of my Directorate.
  • Director for water research project.


  • Air Pollution ‑ Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) January 15-19, 1983.
  • Operation of Power Plants ‑ Fawley Power Station Southampton, UK (CEGB) August‑October, 1983.
  • Power Station Chemistry – British Electricity International October 1983‑March 1984.
  • Non Destructive Testing ‑ VETC0 Inspection GmbH, Aberdeen March 1984.
  • Desalination ‑ Water Resources Development Centre – Shuwaikh, Kuwait March 22nd-May 1984.
  • Workshop on Repaid Assessment of Pollution Sources ‑ Regional Organisation for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME), Kuwait 15‑19 December 1984.
  • DataBase – IT Management Consulting Institute 1998.
  • Photoshop and Flash – Fast Track Institute 2005.
  • Implementing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure – BTI 2006.
  • Microsoft Network Certificate (MCSE) – Fast track Will finish soon.


1. Trainee Operation Engineer – Sitra Power and Water Station – Ministry of Works, Power and Water – 2nd September, 1982‑20th October, 1983.

2. Trainee Chemical Engineer – Sitra Power and Water Station – Ministry of Works Power and Water – September 1985 .

 Where at this time I was a representative for the Sitra Power Station at the Environmental Protection Committee.

3. Chemical Engineer – Ras Abu Jarjur, Reverse Osmosis Plant ‑ Water Supply Directorate – Ministry of Power and Water – September 1985.

Responsible about the plant performance either desalination or power generation units the plant designed to produce 25 million imperial gallon of water and generate 120 megawatt of electricity. The role of chemical engineer is to monitor the performance ratio of desalination units and the efficiency of power plant conduct trial on polymer for the antiscalant, inspection and chemical monitoring, ion exchange mixed bed and condensate polisher) performance, non destructive testing of the distiller stages wall and tubes, contribute to the new units commissioning team. Works as part time research assistant in Project sponsored by ROPME to do rapid Assement of Pollution Sources in Bahrain.

4. Senior Chemical Engineer – Ras AbuJarjur RO Plant – September 1988

The Plant designed to produce 46000 m3 using the reverse osmosis (Dupont B‑10) membranes fed with brackish water from aquifer “C” The responsibilities cover the membrane performance, method of cleaning and strategies to membrane replacement, control bacterial and  scale fouling, monitor the dual media and carbon adsorption, regeneration of carbon regenerator, post treatment and performance of carbon dioxide unit & and, the pollution control of hydrogen sulphide stripping, modification, chemical supplies to the plant, commissioning of the plant as a counter acre with the contractors, corrosion monitoring management and preparing budgetary for both chemical engineering (applied chemical engineering) and Laboratory (analytical chemistry).

5. Senior Chemical Engineer – Addur Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant ‑ Ministry  of Works, Power and Water – January 1989

This plant is designed to produce 10 million imperial gallon of permeated water , joined the commissioning team as a preparation for the hand over to the government

6. Part time teaching – University of Bahrain – 90s

Teaching various topics in the chemical engineering, unit operation, power plant, fluid mechanics, Industrial pollution.

7. Scientific Researcher – Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research February 1991 .

As a scientific researcher and co-ordinator for the water research strategies for the water research strategies for Bahrain 2010. To plan national framework for water management strategy and analyze the diagnostic, curative & preventive and operational to satisfy the scope of the project which depend on the problem definition, water resources planning and monitoring & evaluation.

8. Director of Industrial and Technological Research Program .

 Task to run the research program for Technological and Industrial research including IT studies. Conservation Study project for Ministry of Electricity & Water is also done (Press release)

9. Director of Publications and Data Ware House

Responsible for publications and E-Library gifted by Microsoft inaddition to IT ( Web site and Network. The Directorate consists of

10. Traditional Library of BCSR.

including supervisory of cataloging of publication based Dewee and achieved design of Library Management System (LMS) as a replacement for Horizon.

11. Publication of Books and Research Products.

Since I took over the Dept I manged to increase the publication from 1 book per annum to an average of 19 books per annum.

12. Elibrary and DataWareHouse.

That will be launched soon in Febraury 2008 this elibrary was gifted by Microsoft and it was highligted and described  by  AlWaqt NewsPaper that BCSR will gift the citizen of Bahrain by electronic information. This electronic library comprises the following.

  • Sharepoint 97
  • CMS
  • SQL

13. Network and Computer Security Administration including Internet including.

  • DMZ
  • 12 severs
  • Monitoring Performance and Traffic

14. Acting Director for Water Research .

Task to run the Water research program sustained by the Ministry of Electricity and Water for Integrated  Water Management.


  • Biological fouling and control at Ras Abujarjur R.O. Plant – A new approach – S.R.Ahmed‑ M.S.Ansari – T.Kannari- 4th World Congress ‑ International Desalination Association conference in Kuwait- November 1989.
  • Effective Pre-treatment – an essential tool for better R.O. Performance – A.M.Awadhi – M.S.Ansari S.R.Ahmed – Asian Water Resources Conference- Bangkok‑ February 1990.
  • Treated sewerage water in Bahrain – Option for Utilisation – Sami Dannish ‑ M.S.Ansari – IDA conference ‑Washington DC ‑August 1991.
  • MSF, vs RO ‑ an economical comparison study ‑ Sami Dannish – M.S.Al.Ansari ‑ IDA conference, ‑  Washington DC –  August 1991.
  • Privatization of Desalination Plants in Bahrain _ Desalination 97 (1994) 281-290
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants in Bahrain –Option for Utilization ‑ Sami Dannish – M.S.Al.Ansari ‑ IDA conference ‑ Washington DC‑ August 1991.
  • Planning for  development of water resources in Bahrain ‑ Ahmed Khater ‑ Sami Dannish and Mohammed  Al.Ansari  ‑ Cairo ‑ November 1991.
  • Country paper symposium on the greening of the GCC countries -Japan- October 1992.
  • Long term electrochemical noise measurement – R.A.Cottis and M.S. Al.Ansari -Technical Symposium in Corrosion Engineering -NACE –Washington USA-1997.
  • Long term electrochemical noise measurement for Stainless Steel – R.A.Cottis and M.S.AlAnsari Technical Symposium in Corrosion Engineering -NACE –Washington USA-1998.
  • Techniques for the interpretation of Electrochemical Noise Data, R.A.Cottis, M.Al.Ansari,P.J.Laycock and G.Baghley, invited presentation to the Electrochemical Society Symposium ‘Interfacial Phenomena in Corrosion Processes’ – Montreal, Canada – 1997.
  • Electrochemical Noise Measurements for Corrosion Studies , R.A.Cottis, M.Al.Ansari, G.Baghley and A.Pettiti, presented to EMCR/97, Torento, Canada,  August 1997.
  • Long term Monitoring of Electrochemical Noise, M.S.Al-Ansari and R.A.Cottis, Proc 13th International Corrosion Congress, Melbourne, November 1996.
  • Water deficit in Bahrain-beyond Millennium, Gulf –Japan Symposium on Greenery of GCC, Feb 2000, Oman.
  • Highter Order Measurement for EN Analysis- Robert Cottis, Mohammed AL.Ansari and Gillian Baghley-Technical Symposium material Science Forum,  NACE-1999.
  • Long term electrochemical noise measurement for Desalination Materials- M.S.AlAnsari, A.R.Khater -Water Science and Technology Association-March 1999.
  • R. A. Cottis, G. Bagley and M. M. Al-Ansari, Proc. Electrochemical Noise Analysis Session, Research in Progress Symposium, Corrosion 98, NACE (1998).
  • The Desalination Situation in Bahrain –Journal of International Water and WasteWater – March 2000.
  • Water Management in Bahrain – April 2000, First Gulf Symposium for Technician –Bahrain.
  • Analyzing Long term electrochemical noise measurement for Stainless Steels- M.S.AlAnsari, E.Ahmed –Seminar to Combat dissertification-Saudi Arabia -2001.
  • Fast Fourier Transformation and Maximum Entropy Method for pitting corrosion-Journal of International Desalination Association – IDA –accepted 2001.
  • Conference on Water Demand Management, Conservation and Pollution Control, Amman –Jordan 7-10 October 2001.
  • Water Management in Bahrain- The Joint Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Japan Symposium in 2002 – Mohammed Al.Ansari – King Fahad University for Petroluem and Mineral (Water Research Institute).
  • A research study on the technical possibilities for Carbon dioxide gas retrieval from the industrial sources in the state of Bahrain-H.Qahtani, A.Khater, Ahmed Hashim and M.Al Ansari-1992.
  • 8 more Arabic Publications
  • Water Management in Bahrain – April 2003, GCC- JCCP symposium on Greenery of GCC –Bahrain
  • Environmental Issue in Bahrain – April 2003, GCC- JCCP symposium on Greenery of GCC –UAE 2006.
  • Energy utilization for water production – JCCP-GCC meeting Qatar 2007 january
  • CDM for Bahrain under Kyoto Protocol – August 2007 – Journal of Strategic Studies -BCSR.
  • R&D in Administration – 2008 Symposium on Recent and Future Approaches in Administration and Management Research Field

Teaching and Short Courses:


  • Chemical Engineering Dept – University of Bahrain.
  • CHE 224 Plant Operations.
  • CH 324 Corrosion Engineering.


  • CHE 224 Plant Operations 1995.
  • Corrosion Engineering – UMIST.
  • Power Plant Operation 1991.   Mechanical Engineering Dept. – University of Bahrain

Continuous Education Dept. – University of Bahrain 1990.

  • Desalination.
  • Unit Operation.
  • Fluid Mechanics.
  • Plants Operation.

Short Courses:

  • 1997 Desalination for Engineers – Organized for  Water Science and Technology Association (WSTA).
  • 2000 Corrosion 5 days’ short course organized for BCSR.
  • 2003 Saftey Engineering  for BTS.


  • Safe use of Household graywater.
  • Septic Tank Maintenance.
  • Nitrate in Drinking Water.
  • Disinfecting a Domestic Well with Shock Chlorination.
  • Treating and Storing Water for Emergency Use.
  • A Low-Cost Water Measuring Device.
  • VET models may not be suitable to be used for different countries.
  • Energy Management in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Water Deficit Beyond 2000 in Bahrain


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